The Lost Choice

I have a friend who happens to be a fellow bookworm.  We often discuss great reads, and demand of each other that ‘you have to read that book!’  On several occasions, she has come to my house and confronted me with ‘the best books ever’ – the ones she tells me are great but I haven’t initiated in borrowing.  Being stuck with them, I pick them up, generally glad to finally get to read them and see if they are as good as what she says.

In case you were wondering, she has good tastes in books.

The Lost Choice, by Andy Andrews, was one of those books she handed to me firmly before leaving on a two-month holiday.   She told me to watch out for the Do Hard Things message – it was there, sorta.  Curious, I set it aside to wait until I had finished a Little House book by Laura Ingalls Wilder, but I didn’t pick it up until I had nearly finished the series and she was coming home in ten days.

It’s an interesting read.  Andrews jumps throughout history and tells several inspiring stories, although it tested my excitement when he took me on yet another adventure when I was already exhilarated with the one I was already on.

From the book, I learnt a lot about making choices in my life.  Not just little, everyday ones, but the decision to do something special with my life. It is a choice everybody gets to make, but only a few actually make the choice to make a powerful difference in the world.

Making the decision to do something special with my life inspires me to pursue excellence in everything.  Doing that something special gets broken down into the mundane, everyday choices I make: who I’ll befriend, how I act and present myself, what I’ll study during school, how I’ll spend my time, what I’ll let influence me, and who I want to become characteristically speaking.  George Washington Carver changed the world, but it started with him spending time in the early morning with God, being a friend, studying diligently, and developing good character.  He mightn’t have realized it, but without the wise choices he made, he wouldn’t have been able to do what he did – and we can’t either.  By starting with the intentional decision to change the world – in a global way or in a single persons’ life – we pursue excellence in the areas themselves that transform the universe.

So… will you choose to do something special with your life?

What will you do?


One thought on “The Lost Choice

  1. Excellent review, Jessica! I have also read the lost choice and I remember being a little disappointed with the ending . . . but that’s life.

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