{favourite books} Making My Room Special

Making My Room Special, written by Emilie Barnes, was one of my favourite books when I was younger (see, I told you I was weird.)  As I’ve grown older, I still can’t get away from Emilie Barnes – but that’s another story I’ll share another time.

The title and cover describes it all really – beautiful and creative ways to decorate and organize my bedroom.   Written for girls, this hardcover tells of several girls spending their Saturdays cleaning up and decorating each others’ rooms – and its filled with tips and ideas to make and keep every room, no matter how big or small, neat, clean and pretty!  It was so inspiring, in fact, that it started me wishing for messy rooms just so I could transform it!

From this book I learned:

  • a desire to personally make my room pretty
  • to set a timer for 10-15 minutes and just work
  • how to be out-of-the-box creative when it came to decorating, making and cleaning!

2 thoughts on “{favourite books} Making My Room Special

  1. That looks really cool!
    That decorative thing that I made was in a craft magazine it was a stamp that they just coloured it in, but I didnt have the stamp so I just copied it and coloured it in with watercolour pencils, then brushed it over with water!
    I am not very good at drawing, but when I can copy something its easier… not tracing though, thats cheating! 🙂

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