Thankyou Practice!

Last week my Mum was away for six days – Thursday to Tuesday.  Although we had friends and Dad around for practically all the time, Mum kind of gave me a crash-course on what needed to be done to keep everything running.  It was fairly easy – Mum left her daily diary here with instructions on what was happening that day, what we needed to do, and what was for dinner.  I think what probably helped me the most though was having had the practice before hand while Mum was around.

Thursday afternoon I posted some parcels for Mum – over the last few months Mum has sent me into the Post Office unassisted or alone to post parcels for her.  To be honest, I dreaded the job!  I didn’t see the need for practice because although I know I become a shy person when faced with unfamiliar tasks; I felt I could step up to fulfil the need if it ever arose, without any practice.  Come Thursday afternoon though, I was so glad I was able to confidently and easily do it.

Friday night I cooked pizza – this was easy because baking pizza on Friday night had become ‘my thing’ that I took responsibility for.  Consequently, it wasn’t a stress and when problems arose I was able to think through the recipe and the past to find a solution.

Saturday night I made nachos – what meal comes easier!  The hardest part was grating the cheese and mashing the avocadoes!

Monday I supervised Daniel with his school – once again, since I had had practice with helping him in these areas, it wasn’t a big deal at all.

Having these six days without Mum was made so much easier for me – and heaps less stressful – just because I had had practice and was familiar with what I needed to do.  Consistency in practice, obedience to parents, and diligence with everyday jobs really does pay off!


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