Out bush

The other week we went on a drive out bush.  We ended up on the edge of the towns’ lake – an unguarded, unfenced, ‘untouristed’ area – after an hour of driving.  Being at such an uncontrolled part of the lake (a popular attraction to the town) meant we could, without anybody else around, wade right in and swim around.  Well, we tried to wade in for a dip but it was so gunky we decided to stick to just having wet feet!

I experimented with my panorama setting, and I’m pleased with how it turned out.  It doesn’t  match up perfectly, but it is close enough to have worked.

After cooling off and taking enough photos to our hearts’ content, we helped Dad gather wood for a fire and ‘set up camp’ under a shady tree.  After getting everything ready for lunch we relaxed as Dad and Josh cooked up an open fire of sausages to have as a hot dog.

While eating we talked and read some books or magazines we brought along (like I’ve mentioned… we don’t leave the house without a book!)  The boys went on an explore while Nomi searched for a particular dead nut and Mum and I read.

After an hour of hangin’ out bush, we packed up and headed home, tired but relaxed!


One thought on “Out bush

  1. Lovely photos, panorama is SO cool, I havent really practised on it though! 🙂 Lovely pictures, I love the mountains… they’re gorgeous!

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