God Please Take My Heart

Over the last year, Daniel has been working on the words for a song called God Please Take my Heart.  Shortly before Easter, our friend Kim, who happens to be songwriter and musician, came over for the morning to help Dannyboy put it to music.  Within an hour, they had the music, the recording, and the disc!  It was a fantastic opportunity for Daniel and he loved every moment of it.  It’s amazing how such a simple-sounding song can be so powerful in helping others (myself included) worship God.

So now, I am elated to present to you the opportunity to listen to it yourself!  Unfortunately, because of Javascript restrictions on WordPress.com, I can’t actually put the playlist itself on my blog, but you have a few options.

By going to his blog you can read the words and then comment to tell him what you think of it!  He would jump over the moon (respectively speaking) if you would! (thanks!)

Any readers out there ever written a song or score?

What do you think of the song?


One thought on “God Please Take My Heart

  1. Great work Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very impressed! I hope Jessica will pass this on to you because I couldn’t comment on your blog because of the homeschoolblogger changeover.

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