Taking the Time

Rush, rush, rush.  That’s one word (multiplied by three) that I think sometimes describes me.  I have so many ideas (I call them brilliant; my family just nods and yeah-rights me), plans and desires; I want to do them all at once!  I once had a brilliant idea to live stream the kids’ play on the Christmas day Church service to the projector screen so people out the back of the room could see up the front.  Quite a novelty, I thought, especially for a relatively small-ish Church – even when combined.  Until, that is, I ran it past Mum.  She laughed.  You know, the you’ve GOT to be KIDDING me kind of laugh.  I realized that a certain somewhat untechnical-but-very-clever big brother was going to run the sound desk come Christmas morning: taking Josh’s stress levels to the extreme was not a very nice Christmas present.

As I was saying… 🙂 I’ve had all kinds of ideas, dreams and plans – and that’s all good and fine.  It’s just that becoming a well-read blogger and reading all the books our family owns and sewing anything I can get my hands on and taking stunning photographs AND playing grade eight on the piano just doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and perseverance.  I don’t know everything now; that’s a fact!  Anybody can prove that to me.

It takes time to do something.  That’s something I’m slowly learning; that to do something, and to do it well, I need to take. the. time. to learn and develop the skills.

I want blog better. So, I’m going to need to give a couple of hours to that to do it properly.  Hours, you say? Yup – hours.

I’m spending too much time on the internet. Well, I need to set some boundaries and show some self-discipline to stay OFF your mothers’ facebook account and friends’ blogs. That won’t’ be easy.

I really want to sew more. In that case, I need a plan of action, choosing some projects and the required materials; picking an afternoon to sit down and start.

There are SO many books to read! Jess, there are gazillions of books out there and you can’t read them all.  Besides, you’ve only been reading for 12 of your approximately 90 year life span.  Give yourself a break; it takes time to read books!  Anyway, what’s the point of rushing through all those books if you don’t learn anything?

I need to make the time.  I’ll need to set aside some things so I can pick up something else.  I need some plans of action and time management skills to carry it out.  And with my eyes on Jesus, who knows every single detail about the days he hasn’t given me yet, I can take the time to do whatever it is I need to do.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?  Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. – Mathew 10:29


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