Goings-ons at our place

After a year of it being on the go, our cubby extension is finally finished!   Last year when our grandparents were over they helped the boys put the platform for the tree house up in the tree, and recently Dad – with some help –  added the ‘cage’ so it was safe for us to go up there.  It’s quite high up!  I actually took Mum’s laptop up their to work the other day (though you could get internet there was too much glare to see properly) Dad made good use of ‘his new office’ even before it was ready!

Recently we had a  tree lobber come and chop down a tree between our cricket pitch and the family room.  It has made a big difference, letting in a lot of light.

A few weeks back we were talking in the lounge room when Josh piped up, “I don’t mean to interrupt, but there’s a snake up there”.  Isn’t it huge?  We left the python be (it’s not venomous) as it seems live peacefully in the roof, eating our rats.

Recently Mum bought us some new Christian CD’s, and ever since they arrived in the mail last week, I’ve hardly listened to anything else!  Casting Crowns (Until the Whole World Hears), Michael W. Smith (A New Hallelujah) and Newsboys (Greatest Hits) are fairly new artists for us.  For some reason, we never really branched out into different artists beyond Colin Buchanan, Hillsong and Ron Kenoly until I was about thirteen, as our primary artists.  Isn’t it funny how people (like us) just ‘don’t do things’ for no particular reason?  Who are your favourite artists?

Since we are on the topic of music, here is a favourite of ours – Nomi, aged nine, being a little over-dramatic.

Australian Idol made its mark on us, I’d say.


One thought on “Goings-ons at our place

  1. cool cubby platform thing. I now dub it: the lookout tower. whether or not you can see anything from the top. it looks like a fun place to be.

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