“This is your captain speaking…”

Update: well, I’ve fiddled around and come up with the blue template that is, depending on the time of your visit, before you.  I’m pretty happy with it, if not a little concerned that it is a little *ahem*… too blue.  But, in the wise words of Mrs Lynn from Anne of Green Gables: the sun will keep rising and setting even if I don’t want it to…

Jessica’s blog is in need of a makeover.  At least, my blog does.   I’ve been tired of my blog template for a while now, but just not content with what wordpress.com has to offer (I’m working on that!)  I’m experimenting with new templates and CSS and will be for the next who-knows-how-long.  So if you visit my blog three times and each time there is a new template up, you’ll know why.

You’ll probably also notice that my blog name is no longer solely Little Miss Giggles… Let’s just say I’m changing things, don’t know what to do, and yet need to start somewhere.  So I’m asking you… would you please help me?  I want to know what you would like my blog to look like – content, title, tone of voice, colours – you name it, I want to know!  Please know I’m not fishing around for a compliment, but in need of your help to make this blog my best.

Come on, please jump in and share your thoughts, frank or gentle, major critiques or mild suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


3 thoughts on ““This is your captain speaking…”

  1. Hi Jessica

    I totally understand how you’re feeling! I did a blog make-over a while ago as well… Kind of like, you know you want something else, but you don’t know exactly what! It’s pretty hard to figure out what one actually wants to do.

    Here’s a comment – WordPress has a spellchecker built in. All you have to do is press the button…

    Lol, but otherwise your blog is an awesome read!


  2. Hello Jess,
    I am in the middle of a blog make-over myself! What I have done is made a book-list, and I have started doing a younge maidens daybook every Monday to help structure blog posts. I am also going to be posting a chapter every second Wednesday of a short story I am writing. Maybe you could re-write the about yourself, have a new pic, new side-bar, and what my mum and I have done is every two or three days have a set thing I post about, so for example every monday I do the young maidens daybook, and every second wednesday I post a story and then Friday I might post a photo, quote, poem or article. I hope this helps Jess! Maybe me and you should start a survey with our blogging friends?
    Other from that, I love your blog and am always popping by.


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