A Slight Plummet to Certain Death

A few weeks back, a family friend took Nomi, Dad and myself on an early Sunday morning flight in his helicopter.  Living in a beautiful, tropical region of Western Australia gives lots of opportunities to see some amazing sights – especially in the wet season (now).  We avoided the rain showers but flew close enough to some clouds to get this picturesque shot:

After landing, we started walking.  Our destination was an amazing waterfall with a couple hundred feet drop.  It took us about 45minutes to get to our final destination.  This picture was taken 2/3’s of the way there.

Look closely.  At the top of that waterfall there is two certain girls, dressed in pink and blue, sitting down beside the rushing water.  (alright, so our title might be slightly over-dramatic, but it was what we were thinking)

It was one of those ‘I’ve done that’ moments, freaky though it was.  I knew that if I was careful, I would be alright – but still, when telling Mum about it, she just asked us blatantly, why?!?!

Fair enough, I suppose!

Have you been through any scary moments recently?


3 thoughts on “A Slight Plummet to Certain Death

  1. that looks like it would have been lots of fun! I really like your new template! Yea, my mum would be the same. But dad would be like, thats so awesome you did that! What else did you do? I havent ridden in a helicopter/plane before. Cannot wait for that experience!


  2. Wow, Jess! You guys have guts! I would die of fear if I were up there. I think your title fits it perfectly. 😉

    I like the photo of the hills and cloud… beautiful! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun!

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