Being More Consistent

“By all means, leave room for spontaneity; don’t become a slave of the clock.  But a consistent and regular routine for a typical day’s events will make the household run much more smoothly.” – Laying Down the Rails, Simply Charlotte Mason, pg.41

This year something I’ve been working on is being regular with projects and school.  I used to say (and sometimes still do) I’m an avid reader and I sew a lot, but alas, that is no longer the case.  I fill my afternoons with other activities now, and I choose to read harder, slower books beyond Enid Blyton, and consequently, I don’t read or sew as much as I used to.  Instead, my afternoons are generally filled with… well, I don’t know what I filled my afternoons with, they fly by so fast, but I don’t feel like I have been spending them wisely to the best of my ability.  Deciding that where I am now isn’t where I want to be, I’m doing a couple of things to help me stay more consistent.

1)      Reading, school in general and creative pursuits have been shuffled up my ladder of priority, just by knowing that I will be spending more time on them because that’s what I really want to do.

2)      Mum and I have allotted a time for reading my schoolbooks during school, since I’m honestly not going to read them outside of school or when in town.  I make it important to spend that allotted time reading.

3)      I’ve chosen a couple of projects in a craft magazine we buy that I really want to make, and we order the supplies ahead of time, so I am both motivated by desire to sew and improve and inspired at the sight of the project, as well as able to actually make it when I’m ready for it!  I’m purposefully restraining from spending time on the internet browsing blogs most days so I can spend time on the projects I want to do (sewing or otherwise – there’s also online tutorials for computer skills, letter writing, more piano and paper craft, to name a few).  I have chosen two days a week as my ‘blogging days’, which I give time to browse blogs, comment, and blog on.

After a few weeks I’ve been amazed to see how quickly I’ve come in the book I’m reading, how fun it’s been to get back into sewing for enjoyment, and what a difference being consistent has made.  Although I still allow for ‘spontaneity of activities according to the current mood’, making the intentional decision to make these things a priority once realizing I’m not doing as much of it as I’d like to, has been really good and with lots of wonderful results.

What do you want to be more consistent with?


5 thoughts on “Being More Consistent

  1. Yes, being consistent has made a big difference for you – especially in your sewing. Your skills are improving which has made it more enjoyable. I think knowing your goals always helps with consistency – regardless of what area you are working on.

    I’m trying to be consistent with reading my book – a little bit every day. Thanks for helping me narrow down my options.


  2. That’s ME! There is never a day for me where it doesn’t “fly by”, and by most evenings, I feel guilty for not using my time more wisely.

    Something I read just recently reminded me … that we as teens need to understand how precious these present years are to us! This is where we need to be frugal with our time, and wise with what we do, because what we learn now will be with us for a long time. I don’t know what God has in store for me for the future, but I do know that I want to be be prepared and learn as much as I can now, so that once the busyness of life comes at me, I won’t be having any regrets.

    So… being the list person that I am 🙂 I’ve been writing up a list of a variety of things that I want to learn/get-into as well as the things I want to see improvment in and want to stay more consistent with. Like you mentioned, I too want to fill my time with more purposeful activities (so I’m not tempted to plop myself down in front of my computer when I feel the slightest bit bored!)

    Thank you for the wonderful post, Jess! You encourage and inspire me!

  3. You mention Enid Blyton’s books. Well, you may be glad to learn that I have published a book on Enid Blyton, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Anecdotage (
    Stephen Isabirye

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, Jessica! I ❤ comments … but then again, what blogger doesn't? 🙂

    I agree with this post so much! It's probably what I need to work on the most right now. :S I've been amazed, just this past week, though I still wasted some time, just purposing to use my time more wisely, I've gotten so much more done … and enjoyed it, too!

    Take care – God bless!


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