Why enthusiasm is so important

“Energy givers encourage others with positive words, actions and attitudes.  Energy takers drain others with their negative attitudes.  Energy wasters squander their lives on selfish or meaningless pursuits.” – Character First!, Enthusiasm

While reading Character First!’s list of what energy givers do, I noticed something interesting.  Everything an enthusiastic person does is a reflection of other character traits; whether that is flexibility, hospitality, or wisdom, an enthusiastic person will display other qualities correctly and joyfully.  Without these other traits, enthusiasm would just be haste; on the other hand, when I am enthusiastic, it takes my character to its full potential.

An enthusiastic, energy-giving person:

Encourages others and gives credit (sincerity)

Makes friends (hospitality)

Is willing to change (flexibility)

Enjoys learning news things (diligence)

Volunteers to help (initiative)

Helps those who are bullied (boldness)

Stays away from drugs and alcohol (wisdom)

Sets a good example (leadership)

An enthusiastic person leads others. An enthusiastic leader is effective with his time.  Encouraging others to reach their full potential instead of bragging about their own developed talents is an enthusiastic, accomplished leader.  Caringly, enthusiastic enthuse-ers shows interest in other peoples’ lives and tasks.

Character needs enthusiasm to impact others.  Enthusiasm needs character to make a difference.  Together, they can change our world.

From the list above provided by Character First! and the added characteristics, can you see areas in which you have mastered?

Are there areas you can see room for improvment?  How are you going to get there?  Personally, I can see how I need to improve my sincerity and hospitality, although wisdom (at least in this area) and diligence come easier for me.

What energy-something do you want to be?  Givers, takers, or wasters?


2 thoughts on “Why enthusiasm is so important

  1. Cute little picture! I am first right? I am glad that I am! I need a two boys names, can you give me a few for my story? I really need them! Thank you!
    Miss Hannah

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