Energy Boosts

Remember those days where everything just slugs along?  The house is messy and its time to clean it up.  History took four hours instead of one, putting you behind in your schedule.  You rolled out of the wrong side of bed, your hair has a major attitude problem, or someone spilt three liters of milk on the floor.  The whole day is crawling by like a snail without a mission.   Maybe today is one of those days.  When I have those days, I like to do one or more of the following things that helps me feel more energetic.

  • Wearing sneakersFlylady theorizes that wearing sneakers helps you feel more motivated and energetic.  Try it one day – it is a constant reminder to treat cleaning as a workout!
  • Pulling my hair up into a firm, high ponytail. My hair is quite fine and often clings to me, annoying me and making me feel sticky.  Keeping it up in a ponytail, especially when cleaning or in a big day of movement, keeps it out of the way and helps me feel fresher, regardless of what kind of ‘mood’ my hair is in.
  • Playing energetic music.  I am sure I don’t need to say anything else about this; how many books on organizing and cleaning have written about playing boppy music to keep you moving?
  • Writing a listI’ve mentioned this before, but writing a list releases endorphins that make you feel better.  Not to mention it keeps me focused, shows me what I have to do next, releases stress, and builds excitement as I see how close I am to finishing!
  • Sticking to a routine, or doing my best to redeem a messed-up morning. Avoid distraction at all costs!  Distractions steal my time incredibly easily.  When I know I have a lot to do, and I am on a strict schedule, I try to stay away from computers and books because I know they will slow me down greatly.
  • Dressing in fresh, comfortable clothes.  Dressing like a sloth is only going to make you feel like a sloth (no offense!)  The other night just by changing my tshirt into a comfortable dark blue one (and you know how I feel about blue) helped me get my act together!
  • Remember the Lord.

4 thoughts on “Energy Boosts

  1. Hey Jess!

    Those are great tips!

    I agree, that turning on music and making lists really work for me! I may sound weird, but just the idea of making a list of goals for the day makes me really happy! I love the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when I finish!

    1. Lists. Gotta love em. You are not weird Kira – you are my like-minded-organizing-fanatic-list-loving-cleaning-freak-buddy! And you are right – the whole thought of making a lists of goals for the day is such a delightful experience! *sigh of contentment* 🙂

      1. *looks around clean organized room, glances at pile of to-do lists on desk* Do you think … we could be… ReLaTeD?!


        And just to let you know, I too consider you my like-minded-organizing-fanatic-list-loving-cleaning-freak-buddy!! 😀 You’re my only one, too!

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