Braces, Part II: It’s time

The time has come.  The day has dawned (and been around for 16 hours) that I shall you my big news.  No more anticipation (not that I aroused any anyway).  No more waiting (sorta).  No more braces!

That’s right folks, Jessica Letchford is now minus braces!

Oh what a feeling, no braces!

To celebrate, I’m changing my avatar, much as I love my old one, to a ‘bamboo’ (computer art) painting Nomi created.  She cleverly painted over a photo, changing a dreadful photo of me to one I actually like!

Braces are a blessing.  I have so much to be thankful for – for braces, for parents who wanted to pay for them, for an excellent orthodontist, for Josh who had them on at the same time as me, for the colours you can choose, for the sensation of clean and eventually, slimy teeth, for the retainers which I’m now wearing, all the way down to the anticipation of getting my braces off.  If you’re going to get braces – it’s OK!  Don’t accept what the world tells you about braces being the worst thing on the planet.  They’re not.  They are a blessing.

Photo credit goes to Daniel


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