Where to Start?

When reading those awesome, Christian books out there, I often think to myself, “Boy, this is fantastic!  I love this book – now when are they going to tell me what to do with it?!”

When we finished reading Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris aloud, I was inspired to Do Hard Things.  I felt like I now had the big picture of the Rebelution.  Another unique aspect to DHT that I loved was when, in the last chapter, they encouraged me to think about something hard for me to do; some change that needed to take place in my life; a five-step plan to taking action.

After reading ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ by John Piper last year, I gained an even bigger – the true – picture of doing hard things; for them to be for the glory of God, and to further his Kingdom.  For God to look like he is my greatest treasure in every single action I take and every word I say, is to not waste my life.

Yet even though Do Hard Things started me thinking and acting, and my focus shifted more from me to Him after Don’t Waste Your Life… I want more application!  For something to sink in, to become part of my life, I need application.  I need a ‘how-to’ download to tell me, how on earth can I start doing these wonderful things externally?!

That is why I am super excited about Alex and Brett Harris’ upcoming release for their new book: Start Here: Doing Hard Things Right Where You Are. Start Here is full of ideas to get you and I jump started with ways we can Do Hard Things for the glory of God.

Better yet, the Harris brothers have two very special deals for this new book.  Buy a book from Christianbooks.com and you receive an autographed copy (while stocks last) with a portion of the book going to Samaritan Purse for Haiti relief work.  If you join Amazon’s book bomb and buy Start Here on the 23rd February, a book will also be set aside to give to a family or individual who can’t afford it.

So, do you love the message of Do Hard Things but want more, like me?  Then start here.


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