A Student’s Progress

This week is Western Australia’s first week of school for 2010.  Our family likes to take spontaneous school holidays off for birthdays, friends’ birthdays, public holidays, and other random reasons, and we often start our school holidays a week before the school system does.   Not this month, however.  No, just like the rest of W.A students, February 1st was our first week of school.  Today is the third.  (a piano resounds music as keys thunder music down the board)On a hot day, in a heavy jacket, marking math!

So far, I have been really enjoying school.  Already we can see some things that need to be changed (like more time for piano practices) and things that seem to be working really well – like Nomi’s’ and my new science program.  If I keep up to my schedule, then I’ll be getting a lot more reading done and consistently working through my school.  Being in a disciplined mode will, I hope, help me to excersize more regularly and stay on track with my morning routine, finishing quiet time, jobs, breakfast and excersize between 5:20am and 8:00am, AND being productive with my time and hands in the afternoons.

That’s the thing: keeping it up.  Plans and schedules, routines and ideas all look so glamorous, so easy, so wonderful, but when the rubber meets the road its true colours show.  How do I keep on track of what I know needs to be accomplished?

Diligence is the key.  Diligent hands rule the world, a Proverb predicts, but lazy hands are too lazy to bring food to their own mouth.  Consistency is its companion.  You simply cannot be diligent spasmodically (don’t worry our holidays aren’t that spasmotic :)), yet being consistent without diligence is ultimately worthless.

It’s like my Dad told us recently about excersizing: it has to go beyond being comfortable.  You might get up one morning and feel, ‘ouch, that’s stiff’ but you still have to keep going.  That’s the only way to get fit.   And it is the same about just about anything: it will go beyond being comfortable.  There will be days with my schedule where I do not want to read a certain book, or watch my math DVD, or finish my work which has been patiently lying in my folder since before Christmas; there will be times where it is much more comfortable to not study but rather curl up with a snack and movie.  Yet what is better, what is hard, and what will change my life?


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