7 Things About Me

Alyssa kindly awarded me with the “From Me to You” award, and although I struggle with awarding people (therefore don’t) I thought I would rack my brain for seven things about me for your enjoyment…

1. Chipmunks are among my three favourite animals because they are so amazingly orderly!  Love ’em!  Neatly, they store the food they are gathering in little pockets on the side of their mouths, and ‘spring clean’ on a regular basis as to not attract animals with smells.  My other two favourite animals are horses and dinosaurs. Yup, dinosaurs.  I jest not.

2. By the time of Australia’s next election (not the upcoming one but the one after that), I will be old enough to vote – I think.  Depending on when they hold the election, I will be 18.  Yikes!

3. Isaiah is my very favourite book in the Old Testament — what’s yours?

4. “Piglet” has always been my favourite Winnie the Pooh character (stickin’ up for the little guy, I am)

5. My favourite Beatrix Potter story is likely the tale where Tom Kitten climbs up the chimney and is captured by rats to be made into kitten dumplings.

6. Learning to dive is one of my last ‘2009 major accomplishments’!  Yes! It feels wonderful to plunge through the water, head first–without it hurting!  What was something YOU achieved in 2009?

7. At the suggestion of a friend, from now on, whenever I write a list the first thing I am going to add is this: ‘Make List’.  Such wisdom.  Or do any of my readers already do this?

I hope you enjoyed these things about me!  If you want to know more about me, check out my random list of 127 things about me – and be sure to comment and tell me some things about you!

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One thought on “7 Things About Me

  1. Yes, I like that Beatrix Potter story the best aswell!
    my favourite book of the bible….hmmm…it would have to be Pslams. I enjoy reading them alot lately. There is one for any occasion!
    Something I accomplshed in 2009? I got baptised! YAY! 😀

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