26th January: Australia Day

Australia Day has never been one of great importance to me.   In the past, it was the day where Aussies gathered together at the pool, or held a BBQ in their backyard, or simply when all the shops were – annoyingly – closed.

Last year, I was asked to write an article for Growing in Grace’s January 2009 issue on Australia Day.  Although unsure as to the reasons behind Australia Day, I decided to give it a shot.  To my surprise, I discovered a day not about Australians having a day off coz we are Australians, or about our love to casually hang out with our mates.  Instead, I found out about the day Captain Arthur Philip planted the Union Jack on the sandy beaches of New South Wales; the day eleven ships pulled in the harbour, with the 1,373 convicts who would soon have to accept ‘Botany Bay’ as their life.  On Australia Day, 26th January, we ultimately celebrate the day Australia was born – and that is what holds the greatest importance to me.

Thank you Lord for Australia!


2 thoughts on “26th January: Australia Day

  1. That is so neat! Isn’t it interesting to learn the histories behind holidays that we take for granted? I had no clue what Australia day even was, but even I found your brief explanation fascinating!

  2. Thats aweosme! Thanks for sharing! I wish I knew it on Australia Day, maybe I would have celebrated a little more!

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