Why o why?

I want to ask this pleading question concerning facebook… why does it have to be so addictive??  Why?  Although I don’t actually have an account on facebook, my Mum does, and a bad habit is growing with me to continually check what is happening in the facebook world via her account, which she often (and rightfully) leaves open.  I have been contemplating considering asking for one, when it dawned on me that I don’t even know what is so essentially addictive about facebook, and consequently, why I even want an account.  Why is it so addictive?!

Recently, when blog-browsing, I stumbled across a girl who wrote about her facebook account-deactivating experience.  She wrote it was so much fun, she nearly wished she could reactivate it just so she could deactivate it again!  (I think I can relate – not with facebook mind you, but I can relate)

So, what is your perspective on facebook?  Is it addictive for you?  Pros and cons – do tell.


4 thoughts on “Why o why?

  1. Good questions, Jessica. I don’t have a facebook, personally because I don’t think I really need one… but I too have wondered what is really so addictive about it.

    I’ve guessed (based on what my friends and relatives say) that it’s all about staying in the “loop”. Facebook is based on people/friends connecting and sharing daily updates etc. and when you’re “out of the loop” I’m sure it starts to feel like you’re really missin’ out, you know?

    Since I don’t have a facebook, I guess I can’t accurately give an answer… but I’m curious to hear what other’s say…

  2. I have a Facebook, and I do like it for many reasons. I was able to find friends that I haven’t seen in over ten years, as well as keep my Grandparents updated on our life. However, it can be very addictive, as I have had experienced. One of the ways that I cut down on the time I was spending was to stop play almost all of the games, and that helped a bunch. Another reason that I don’t get on as much anymore, is simply because I grew bored with it. Sometimes not a lot happens. Now I get on a few times a day, quickly check things out, and then log off and move on to other things. I’ve been reading a lot more because of it!

    I hope that was helpful! 😉

  3. I don’t have Facebook either. Sometimes I wish I did, just so I could keep up with some of my friends… but I know it wouldn’t be a good thing. I mean, I have trouble enough with the few things I already have. They take way too much of my time. My mom got a Facebook account a long time ago, then deactivated it because it was taking over her life. I figure I can live without it — too bad it’s so addicting, huh!

  4. I enjoy FB and it has been great for keeping in touch BUT I have never ever signed up for any gimmicks or games etc as it seems that they are what people find the most addictive.

    I estimate I would spend between 5 and 10 minutes a day on it.

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