The Beginnings of Blitzing

Call it cleaning, call it decluttering, call it French fries… we call it blitzing.  To the Letchford family, blitzing is the terminology referring to, for a short amount of time, returning misplaced items to its rightful home as to result in a pleasant residence.

In English, it means that we quickly tidy up the house so it is nice to live in.  (ohh, see the lights turn on!)

How on earth did the term ‘blitzing’ come about?  Who is responsible for the connection of name and meaning, and how can I use it today?

Strictly speaking, Josh and I likely found the idea in a T.V show, called Backyard Blitz, that we watched when we were little kids.  I think that is where the word actually came from, to be totally honest.  Technically speaking, there was a special WWII German plane called a Blitz which was used to very quickly drop bombs and then fly back to headquarters.  It means to attack (and win), to destroy and to be very quick about it.

Attack –the mess

Destroy – the mess

Have victory over the mess

Be quick about doing all the above!

When I was quite young, I (with Joshua’s assistance) came up with the idea to use the word when we needed to put everything away, and it was to inspire us to do it quickly.  Today, all these years later, it still refers to the same thing with the same intention.

So, in answer to the question ‘how can I use it today?’ the answer is really very simple.  Blitz yourself!  Every day, twice a day, every couple of days – take those five, ten or fifteen minutes to just blitz the house.  Nothing more, nothing less.  You do not need to clean windows, dust the piano, or even sweep the floor – just blitz.

As a tip, when I blitz, I often grab a washing basket and put everything that doesn’t belong from that end of the house inside; when I am finished, I take my basket down to the other end, put everything away, and start over with the other end.

I love to blitz!  I often wonder why I actually like organizing and cleaning, and though I know part of the reason is simply because God made me that way, part of the reason is getting the mess, the grime and the dirt to come off, bit by bit – that is what I love!

Can you see blitzing as a part of your cleaning routine already?

If not, can you imagine blitzing becoming part of it?

Can you see any benefits and problems with blitzing?

So snap to it and get blitzing your house fast!  Remember – losing is not an option!  Blitzing is one of the strongest – yet unknown – weapons against mess – do not let it slip by!

Photo courtesy of Microsoft Office Clipart


5 thoughts on “The Beginnings of Blitzing

  1. Well, I sort of blitz I guess, but when I do it I dont just take twently minutes on it, I might more likey spend an hour blitzing every couple of days. It sounds like a good idea to get my younger sisters into cleaning though (do you reccomend it for that?)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Blitzing is great for anything – but I know it has made a huge difference being something we did together! So I reckon you need to egg them on, enthuse them, and do it yourself!!

  2. Way-to-go Jessica! The more and more I read your blog, the more and more I see how alike we are – especially in the area of cleaning! haha! I have to say, I am a fellow blitzer myself, though I’ve never actually called it that. 🙂

    I like your idea of using a washing basket to help with getting things back in their place. I usually just fill my arms to as much as they will carry, and repeat the process back and forth until that certain area of the house is clean. 😛 Definitely more time consuming… but I can also count it as a good “work-out”, ha!

    Anyway, great post, Jess! Keep it up!

    P.S. You know, we need to be neighbors! I could definitely use a fellow cleaning/organizing fanatic to relate to around here sometimes! 😉

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Your article in GGM’s current issue was great! Thanks so much for your kind comment on mine.

    I’ve awarded you! You can see the details on my blog.

    Your friend,

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