A Homemade Christmas

A Homemade Christmas at SimplyVintagegirl.com

Meet Betty-Lou.  This is my Christmas present to my Mum.   She is actually supposed to be holding a flower, but that was too tricky so Nomi suggested I make her a tag we saw in a magazine that morning.  The tag says, ‘Dear Mummy, I love you’.  Although overwhelmed at first at the prospect of making such a ‘big’ project completely by myself, and a bit of stress along the way, with a little help from a friend and Nomi (and a whole lot of following instructions) I finally did it and would love to make another one!  Talk about a big confidence-builder!

I love this idea!  This pressie is for my colourful, fun-filled sis, Nomi, although I made another one for my Grandparents as well in a vintage colour scheme.  It might look complicated, and it is slightly time-consuming, but otherwise, it is not that hard.  After cutting different sized strips of paper, you decorate the pages (I used Disney stickers, leaving room for her to add her memorbilia) and then join three different sized papers together at the edge.  When that’s done join them together and add a cardboard cover.  (For the record, I didn’t invent this; Mum found it somewhere!)

I hope you enjoyed seeing a snippet of my {homemade} Christmas!  I am participating in Simply Vintage Girls’ ‘A Homemade Christmas’ meme, so if you have a had a homemade Christmas and want to blog about it, be sure to go sign her McLinky with your name and post link!


4 thoughts on “A Homemade Christmas

  1. And I simply love mine Jess. As it sits on my little table for all to admire it reminds me of a Carousel but with your lovely photos instead of horses!!


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