Merry Christmas! (updated!)

(now let’s hope us Aussies win the Boxing Day Cricket match!)

Well, Mum, being a Scrapbooking consultant, gently rebuked me for not posting the stories, so here they are!  Stories starting top-left and going clockwise.

To start off with my explanations, I was given a camera from Mum and Dad, and Nomi, Daniel and Josh were ‘tackling’ each other, but stopped for photos, one of which you now see.

I gave Mum a doll for Christmas – you can see her wrapped in the photo of Mum and I.  Stay tuned for a photo of her!  She took some courage to make as I don’t feel very confident with sewing but I decided that I should be confident with sewing and that I was going to make it for her!  And guess what – she turned out beautifully!

The red and white checkered tablecloth is a new favourite in our house and was washed (ha!) just for Christmas Day.  As is traditional we ate croissants for breakfast before Church – yum!

The first present we gave to eachother this year was Mum’s new ipod from Daddy.  This is them laughing about something during that priceless giving moment.  Whether it was the ipod, something somebody said or just being happy I’m not sure – but I love it anyway!

I rather like this photo of Daniel; it was one of the first I took with my new camera.  He spent the day contentedly on his Power Wing (scooter-cross-ripstick), zooming in circles around either the house or in the shed.

Daniel also chose to tackle some of the hardest wood in the world and carve a statue for Dad.  Daniel is quite brilliant with building things – this present is no exception.  Daniel and Dad enjoyed a special moment together before opening the gift.

Nomi loves Adventures in Odyssey, produced by Focus on the Family, and recently decided she wanted to start collecting the entire collection.  To kick start her off, Josh presented her with #1 – a Gold Edition album.  Oh – don’t you love her dress?

Funnily enough, the past few years I have grown very unphotogenic, and honestly it has nothing to do with wearing glasses and braces.  These past few weeks have seen me take a big step and smiled confidently at the camera- I think I have it all figured out now!  I really love how this photo turned out…

If you know Joshua, you will already know two vital pieces of information about him: he loves history, and books.  What could have possibly made him happier than 20 books from Mum and Dad, all written by historical fiction author G.A Henty?  Only one thing, I assure you: the broken record of having recieved a grand total of 25 books for Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! (updated!)

  1. Nice collage Jess. Great idea. We’ve had a great few days and plenty of photos to tell the story! So I cannot go pass this opportunity to ask – where is the story? 😉 (See the Creative Memories consultant is never far away!!)

    Love to you

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