Me and Organisationalism

As I was blitzing today, I found a small magazine from Howards Storage World, with this section of the ad on the back.   Delighted am I!  This makes me smile, and reminds me of one of my favourite quotes by the poetical Winnie-the-Pooh:

“Organization is what you do before you do something so that when you do it it’s not all muddled up.”

I quote this at every chance I get!

Today we spent the morning shopping for the weekend and cleaning up the house.  I planned to clean our dirty windows, but when the start of a near 21mls of rain literally pelted down, I temporarily dismissed the idea.  Hopefully Mum or I will get them clean during the weekend.  When close family friends of ours left this week, we were blessed with their dryer, which means no more mere survival of clothes during the wet, when the rain is constantly pouring and the sky has turned gray.  Yippee!!

Which reminds me, I will have to post sometime about Josh’s desk clean up renovation-event.  Paper lay everywhere, in all directions, without any sense of purpose or order – until I volunteered to change that for him, as he obviously wasn’t in to much hurry to change it!  Here’s a preview:

So without further adue, I leave you to continue my pursuit of a blitzed and clean house! (and you can rest assured that I will post about blitzing one of these days!)


One thought on “Me and Organisationalism

  1. Am VERY looking forward to your Josh’s desk story. (Reminds me a bit of ‘Luke’s Desk’ on ‘I Want My Mummy’)

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