How To Clean Stuff!

Today Mum sent me an email, titled, ‘You’ve got to check this out; you’ll be in heaven!” I opened the email, unsure as to what the email contained (with a title like that, you never know).  I was pleasantly surprised to find this link…

I am looking forward to checking this out more and having it as a resource.  I used their search engine to search for ‘CD’s’ and it came up with four different posts on CD’s; I checked one out about scratched CD’s – who would have thought peanut butter would help of all things?!

We have several a lot of CD”s from a friend who moved away which we aren’t raving about, so I think I’ll try out the {smooth!} peanut butter idea on them before moving on to more precious ones! Sounds impressive to me – go check it out!

Have you tried any great home cleaning  remedies lately?  How have they worked out for you?  If you have a problem, check out how to clean stuff; it might just hold the answer to your predicament!


5 thoughts on “How To Clean Stuff!

  1. WOW that looks really neat. We will defently have to try the peanut butter idea. I did not know that would work. I do know that peanut butter will get gum out of hair but i did not Know that.This has been really good for me. It also encourges me in the Lord also.Bye Julia

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