I wish I had a mango!

Mango season is just about finished up here.  Our farm has roughly 100 mango trees on it, so we pick a lot of mangoes each year, to eat, give away to friends, eat, dehydrate, eat and freeze to last us the rest of the year!  This year we also sent some down to poor mango-deprived sellers in Perth, which is something us kids had never been involved in much before.  It meant careful picking and sorting (sellers don’t want stained mangoes – if it were me I wouldn’t care – just give me the inside fruit!), cutting the stem to a centimeter long, polishing them with a cloth and packing into boxes on time to be driven down to Perth.  Because we  sent down 1 1/2 pallets of mangoes, as well as enough for us, we picked more than our normal amount.

In fact, Joshua reckons we picked… 1500 mangoes!  That’s one thousand, five hundred mangoes; fiteen hundred!

It would appear that I am such a good catch that I can catch with my eyes closed.

We use long cutters to get the mangoes right up the top

Watch how it’s done!

The pro with over fifteen years experience on mango picking

Sometimes we get up high on the inside of the tree – just as Joshua is doing.
I’m below catching!

Cleaning and cutting the stems off the mangoes we packed to send down to Perth


7 thoughts on “I wish I had a mango!

  1. Wow, that’s amazing!! I love mangos, but of course because of the price here we don’t get them very often. That is a lot of mangos you have there, do you ever get tired of eating them?

  2. Well written! And the pictures are wonderful, makes me hungry for a mango! I’m in Chicago, so we’re only able to find fruit from down south right now, and imports. Oh, to pick a mango from a tree in my own backyard…sounds like a dream! But 1500 of them sounds like a scary dream…job well done!


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