The Truth-Turned Excuse

…There is that other fabulous excuse that absolutely ends all quests or expectations for holiness: “Christians’ aren’t perfect… just forgiven!”  What we’re saying by this fabulous piece of prose is, “You cannot trust your teenage daughter with my Christian son.  You’d better keep your eye on him.  He’s not safe.  He’s just forgiven!”

– Keith Green, excerpt from the article, What’s Wrong with the Gospel?, excerpted from Melody Green’s book, No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green


3 thoughts on “The Truth-Turned Excuse

  1. This is a good quote Jess. It reminds me of another quote that was around when I was younger about ‘greasy grace’. Where you can just slip and and out of grace – you sin and yet you know you are going to be forgiven. It is not the heart of the standard Jesus wants for us.

  2. I stumbled across your blog and say this post and couldn’t help but chuckle; Fire insurance sadly is how some view their salvation. Rather than let our Heavenly Father change them and live a life that bears testimony to Him, many tend to live a life that leaves one wondering “uhm….I’ll take the next seat”. LOL

    Good quote!

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