A recent devotion thought…

Psalm 119:175a

“Let me live that I may praise you…”


Wow.  That is pretty amazing, when I think about it. To live to praise God – how wonderful that would be!  To be on this earth with the assigned purpose to praise God – !


Yet isn’t that we are all here for?  To live to praise Him?  And the definition of praise, to me, is to:

  1. Admire
  2. Exlaim their _____________(in God’s case, His greatness and love)
  3. Put in the spotlight, joyfully and whole-heartedly

So how can I praise God?

  • Through song and worship to Him
  • Through my actions
  • Through my words
  • Through my attitudes
  • Through my prayers to Him

What do you think?


One thought on “A recent devotion thought…

  1. very cool, its a nice thought! Sometimes we need to be reminded that were not just here to win people to the Lord, but also serve him and worship and praise his name.
    – Meggie4u

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