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Oops… It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog, hasn’t it?  Although I haven’t been writing very much, I’ve been reading a few different blogs and articles of late and I thought I might share them with y’all!

This week I have to deliver a speech and as I was researching I stumbled across this excellent article from Truth or Tradition? Can the Bible be trusted today? Click the link and find out.

I decided last night it was high time to scope out Christa-Taylor and her blog, Empowered Traditionalist.  I enjoyed reading her articles and am adding her to my side-bar of blogs, magazines and websites I have enjoyed.

I have been enjoying reading Jasmine Baucham’s blog as well.  Recently she posted a post whether or not girls should go to college. I really benefited from what she had to say and recommend the article for some great reading!

This might sound really weird, but our family likes to watch Better Homes and Gardens. One of Nomi’s and my favourite presenter is Tara Dennis, who is a very creative interior designer.  So I was quite excited to find her website, with tips on interior designing and crafts to do.

Another creative lady whom we are acquainted with makes beautiful cards, which she sells. She also makes amazing paper bag albums. Using paper bags, she makes very decorative and funky albums – whenever I see one, my fingers itch to make one!  I have found a couple of links and am hoping to make one soon.  Anybody out there ever made one before?

Last, but not least, is my Mum’s latest update to her website, Lifestyle-Homeschool.  Mum is ‘jumping the gun’ and getting Christmas ready to roll!  I know it is the middle of September (I haven’t even had my birthday yet!) but who wants to be stressed about celebrating Jesus’ birth? And who really has lots of time to spend in an already-hectic schedule?  Mum has split her Christmas ‘do list’ into fifteen weeks, two hours per week, and compiled it into a chart and made it as a free download for anybody to use!
But wait, before you open the download, remember what Christmas is really about, and check out Mum’s NEW! e-book: Restoring the Heart, Mind and Soul of Christmas. Christmas isn’t about Santa and the reindeers, or friends and family gathering for a BBQ, or decking the tree with bright Christmas lights.  It’s about Jesus, and his purpose in life: to die for our sins.  And because he died, we have a hope worth dying for.  Let’s get that aspect up top this year!


3 thoughts on “Linkdy Link

  1. You must have BBQs for Christmas in Australia? I don’t think most people do here. 😉

    I’ll have to check out some of those links, thank you for sharing!

    Out of the Blue:jane

    1. Hi Blue:jane – well, our family personally doesn’t, but as our Christmas is in Summer (aka no snow) it is hot enough for a BBQ (if it isn’t raining; late December is the beginning of our wet season)! The whole ‘white Christmas’ concept is a far-off idea to us! So instead of singing ‘I’m dreaming of a white Christmas’ we sing, ‘I’m dreaming of a wet Christmas’! 😉

      Thanks for commenting

      1. Yeah, I knew it was in Summer, it’s just a difficult idea for me to grasp. 😉
        I’m dreaming of a white Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas songs, I think I’d sing it even if I didn’t get snow for Christmas, wet just doesn’t make it sound the same. 😉

        Out of the Blue:jane

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