Dollar for a

In the next fifteen seconds, a child will die from a water-related disease.  Every minute, four die.  240 children are gone within an hour, and 5,760 have lost their lives every day!*

That is a lot of children to die every day.  Where I live, we have beautiful, clean, fresh water coming out of our ears, always at our fingertips, and it is hard to imagine life without water at easy access.  To have to walk several kilometers to find a source of pure water or to use less water in one day than I already do in a five-minute shower is hard to imagine.


There are thousands upon thousands of people around the world who struggle to survive without water.  We are so blessed by God to have a reliable amount of water for us to survive abundantly on. Yet so many people just don’t have water, the essential to life.

So here’s the challenge.  An organization called Dollar for a Drink, which started just last year, is issuing a challenge to give up one dollar (or more) to raise enough money to build wells in Sudan, Africa.  Simply go to their website to donate, or learn more about the need and cause.

Can we give even a dollar to this cause to bless the Sudan people by Christmas day?

*Facts from Dollar for a Drink


2 thoughts on “Dollar for a

  1. Hi Jessica,

    My name is Brittany and I am almost 13. I used to read your old blog.

    I have met you before thru GFI. My Mum knows your mum.

    You write some cool stuff!!


  2. Hi Jess, thanks for your comment! I’m not really sure I want to reveal much about my plot right now. I tend to be a bit secretive at the beginning, but then after I’ve gotten into it farther I can’t help telling about it. :o)

    JP — WOW!! That is a LOT of JP. When we get a new album we’re only allowed to listen to one episode a week — but sometimes we can beg for another one. :o) I hope we get the new album soon, maybe I’ll get it for my birthday next month. It is on the radio in the U.S., but nowhere close enough so that we can listen to it. Maybe we could get our local Christian station to play it.


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