Fun fun fun!

Thursday morning, 12:15pm: I walk up the driveway after being dropped off from mainly music, to find out by an animated Mother that our long-awaited bookcases had arrived!  Excitement, thrill, and the pleasure of organizing flashed through my head, only to be crushed by the fact that because of Mum’s sore back, and because Dad was away, we couldn’t run into town to pick them up.  My lower lip quivered.  Perking up into my usual optimistic self, I went inside to have lunch and recuperate from a hectic morning.


Hope mounted up inside again when Mum phoned the friend we had shared the order with, and we were told her husband would generously pick it all up for us!


With that information of the future in mind, I gathered up all my strength (after a rest) to tackle the bookshelves, which were stacked to the brim with books.  Seriously.


Pile by pile I stacked the books into Mum’s bedroom.  The end result, an hours’ worth of work, was this:100_0714watermark:


Or, as Josh put it:


While I was demolishing the book piles, Mum and Daniel built the new bookshelves.  At least, Daniel built them.  Honestly, he is a genius with building things – and has been ever since he was two years old!  As Mum and he worked on the construction, it became evident that Mum was not leading the process.  The funny thing is, seven years ago, a friend (MM) and Mum tried to build our old bookcases.  I use the word ‘tried’, because they couldn’t do it.  Dad had to finish it for them!  And here is 10-year-old Daniel building them, practically without assistance!


I don’t have a photo of the finished shelves yet, but hopefully will soon!


7 thoughts on “Fun fun fun!

  1. Well, if you didn’t get another blog and I didn’t know about it. hmph. Shows how much I come by your blog. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment on my duckies post. It was nice getting it from you.

    Hope you’ll stop by again soon. We have lots to catch up. 🙂


  2. WOW! Lots and Lots of wonderful books! Seeing those pics gave me an exciting rush! THats heaps awesome! I cannot wait to see the finshed product of lovely organsing and building!
    – Meggie4u

  3. That does sound like a load (literally) of fun! Organizing bookshelves can be a very time-consuming task (especially being homeschoolers with so many books!), but the finished product makes one feel quite accomplished!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Emily Rose

  4. That looks like our school room when we were getting ready to move! Although I loved it as well! I found so many new books I didn’t even know we had!

    Out of the Blue:jane

  5. Wow! My two favorite things – books and organizing! 😀

    Looks like you guys won’t be bored for quite a while 🙂 SO many books to read!

    ~ Kira

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