Moral Relativism

I found my notes on ‘Be Intolerant’ and moral relativism the other day, so I thought I would share them with you. A road sign with two arrows pointing in different directions

In a nutshell, a moral relativist is someone who believes we should tolerate, or accept, people for whatever it is somebody else chooses to do; whether it is abortion, cheating at school, or drugs.  They have a ‘you believe what you believe and that’s OK with me’ attitude.

Moral relativism has its up side, because:

a)      you can believe bits of this and that

b)      you become popular with ‘everybody else’ because ‘everybody else’ is doing it’

c)      you can live up to your own rules, change ’em, and it’s ok if you’re angry at those who do have a standard

The downside though is that you don’t have anything to rely on when your world falls apart.  Moral relativism is fun while it lasts, but it lacks meaning, passion, purpose and the qualities we honestly love in people – real love, real joy, real peace and real hope.

On the other hand, Christianity is a harder life to live.  You have to live up to a standard (1 Peter 2:3?) and deny yourself for Christ.  But you’ll find something worth dying and living for outside of yourself: Jesus Christ.  You will meet true friends who walk the narrow path with the same spirit.  God will fill you with a true meaning to life.  What’s more, you will find something moral relativism can never give you: purity.

“Have you ever tasted true purity?  That thing called holiness?  Once you do, once you come close to the flame of God’s presence and sense His perfection and His love, you’ll want more and more.  You’ll want to live in that light, to bask in its warmth, to build a house right beside it.  You’ll want to get as close to that kind of purity as you can get.  Because it’s better than any of the darkness that this world offers.”

Be Intolerant, Ryan Dobson, page 60

I completely recommend this book by Ryan Dobson.  Be Intolerant showed me what moral relativism is, it’s flaws, and what it means to be a Christian 100% for God.

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What do you think about moral relativism?


One thought on “Moral Relativism

  1. Thats pretty bad that people woud even want to be like that. Purity is a huge thing. I wouldnt call CHristianity hard, I would call living a life by yourself harder, you cant shre your burdens with Christ, nothing will give you that extra boost of energy. You also find you dont know what your living for and sort of – well get bored with life, thats my view anyway. Awesome notes! You must have really thought about it. How anyone can think of drugs or abortion as ok beats me!
    – Meggie4u

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