Diligence vs. laziness


Investing all my energy [and time] to complete the job assigned to me. – Character First!

What does laziness mean?  I often think of a sloth sleeping, a cartoon character reclining in a pool chair – when he should be working – or maybe the grasshopper, which is known for his lazy behaviour.  We’re presently studying diligence at school, and it’s really helping me see ways that I am lazy.

If you know me, you are probably chuckling in disbelief right about now. “Jessica?  Lazy? Ha!” But it can be true in so many areas that I didn’t even realize.  I’ve learnt that laziness isn’t merely a term, but a device Satan uses to stop us from doing God’s work.  While it looks different to everybody, I reckon that laziness is something, to a degree, everybody struggles with.

For me, laziness is not getting out of bed when my alarm clock rings in the morning.

Laziness is procrastinating jobs.

Laziness – or slothfulness – is not being bothered to go the whole way, even in minuscule matters.

Laziness is a big problem for me.

Other’s might not think that laziness is something that I, of all people, need to worry about, but honestly, it’s not about whether I seem to do the right thing diligently, its whether God can call me diligent and a solider against the enemy called laziness.

What does laziness look like to you?


3 thoughts on “Diligence vs. laziness

  1. Laziness for me, doing housework with that thought I really dont want to be doing this at the moment. I seem to have nalied this one – but unfortanatly it comes back to haunt me!
    Not wanting to get out of bed at all – knowing I have to catch-up in schoolwork.
    The timer is a big thing for me. WHen it goes off, I just turn it off and mostly go bakc to sleep, but when I do pull myself out of bed I seem to be fresher – you’d think I would think of that and get up every morning at that time -no not at all. I seem to be always getting up cranky becuase I have had to MUCH sleep! LOL
    – Meggie4u

  2. Jess – you make a good point here. I would hardly ever call you lazy but you yourself have to assess your heart and if you know God is calling you higher then that is the assessment that you have to work with. Well done for your honesty!

    your Mother!

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