…Conquering the Cupboard under the Laundry Sink…

I love organizing.  The thrill of chucking stuff out, the interesting variety of organizing products, the satisfaction of success and the practicality of it all makes me want to declutter our home!  Therefore, last Friday, I entered the laundry to conquer one of the messiest cupboards of the house:  the one… under the laundry sink.  Goodness knows why I never did it before –I think it was because I had tried to tidy it up before, but the system didn’t work (that’s something else to keep in mind… sometimes I need to give organizing another shot to make sure the system will actually work for us!).  Anyway, this cupboard was your classical messy cupboard… the sort you would see on TV.  Because of that important fact, I took a photo to prove that this cupboard was conquerable.


Du du du duuh! [Dramatic music resounds]

Believe it or not, Josh did not believe this cupboard needed organizing.  He knew where the light bulbs and outdoor mozzie repellent was, and that was all that mattered.  Needless to say, Dad strongly believed it did need cleaning out – not to mention Mum, myself and probably Nomi and Daniel (although I am yet to confirm that)

My first step was to figure out how I was going to go about ‘decluttering’ (understatement) the cupboard.  As you can plainly tell, it was far too crammed to organize without taking things out, so I obviously did the obvious: took it out to organize!  I split the cupboard into two sections – bottles (right) and other stuff (left) and took out all the bottles.  I divided them into groups of small bottles, spray cans, laundry stuff, and general bottles (for example, four bottles of bleach).  After I cleaned the cupboard of any grime-like contaminate, I neatly stored the bottles in rows.  As I neared finishing the entire job, I realized I had too many things to store in the one cupboard, so some things (for example, three bottles of bleach) were taken over to the shed for storage.

Then for the fun part!  I pulled the right half of the cupboard out, and kept sorting it out into like items.  I didn’t want to go back to using a non-see through box, which caused a lot of the problem in the past, I believe (it wasn’t practical or with easy access), so I phoned Mum (who was in town) to ask her to buy me some clear boxes.  She arrived home with three big clear boxes and one half the size.  I used the smaller one and two of the big ones, giving each box a ‘theme’: the mozzie repellent stuff, the light bulbs/batteries, and the cloths/sponges/cleaning supplies.  Of course, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to use my awesome-ist birthday present, the labeller, could I?


After a final inspection performed by Mum, I took the ‘after’ photos.  Ta-da!


What do you think?  Have you ever decluttered a cupboard?  What area was it and how has it worked for your family?

Can’t wait to hear your answers!


7 thoughts on “…Conquering the Cupboard under the Laundry Sink…

    1. haha– I actually have told my friends that I give ‘free demos’ to clean up their room for them… once a lifetime opportunity for them! 😀

      I would love to clean up your room for you!

  1. Congratulations on your victory over the laundry sink cuboard! haha!

    I can relate to you there. I love organizing too!

    Yes, I have declutered many spaces! My “missions” usually involve the pantry and the tuperware cuboards. Uhh…Though I enjoy organizing, those places and I seem to have become enemies. Seriously. They never seem to stay clean! ahh! I never stay patient enough and give it that “next shot” like you mentioned.

    Something to continue working on, I guess 🙂

    ~ Kira

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