Preschool Activities in a Bag

Preschool Activities in a Bag

Over the last month, I have been (after being persuaded by my Mum, her friend, and my awesome piano teacher) to organize/coordinate a preschool activity swap between 10 different families with preschool-aged kids, called ‘preschool activities in a bag’.  This is how it works:

10 families are each assigned to an activity to make that is aimed at preschool-aged kids and helps to develop number and alphabet recognition, fine motor skills and other like activities.  The activities have already been thought of and instructions have been put together for the Mum by these two amazing ladies in the USA, so it isn’t very hard to put together.  At the end of the set amount of time, the Mums give the coordinator (in this case, me) ten completed bags.  Within the next week, I have made ten groups of the ten different activities for each Mum to take home and use!

I wasn’t so sure about running it at first, but Mum and our friend (who found the activities in the first place) thought it was a great opportunity for me to organize an ‘event’ – and it was!  I think this was the biggest thing I learnt through it all; to not be afraid to do something ‘big’ and give it a shot just because I was afraid that it wouldn’t work out.  All of the Mum’s I asked to join in loved the idea, even though July was a busy month for us all, and were very supportive of me organizing it.  Knowing it was a blessing to them made it so worthwhile.

me making a bag

Having a few extra projects like this (I have organized other projects in the past and have a few up my sleeve) is a great way to get out of my comfort zone and be a blessing to other people.  Not only do I learn so much, but I get a chance to do something different and on a slightly larger scale than what I do everyday.  Things such as:

  • Yearbooks
  • Helping to set up websites
  • Collaborating a one-off magazine or newspaper of your families’ work
  • Learning the bookwork from your Mum or Dad
  • Getting involved in your families’ business (my Mum is a scrapbooking consultant)
  • Taking leadership at kid clubs or homeschool co-ops
  • Or setting up projects for other family members to do

What sort of projects could you do to stretch yourself, become involved in others’ lives and interests, and prepare for whatever it is that you feel God wants you to do?


3 thoughts on “Preschool Activities in a Bag

  1. Hey Jess! Thanks for your comment! I play everyday (I’m not sure you could really call it practicing though), for at least 15 minutes, hopefully. I really enjoying playing.

    That sounds like a good project!! As far as stretching myself, I’ve been *thinking* about starting up an orchestra in our town, but I’m just not sure. That is such a HUGE undertaking! For one thing, I don’t even know anyone who could lead it up. I want to play in it, not conduct it. However, it would need to be someone who could keep with my standards for the group…

  2. Yikes Alison! ‘HUGE undertaking’ indeed! Yet it would be an amazing opportunity to grow in your gifts and skills!

    Hope it all works out for you – please tell me more!

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