The Ag show


above: my 13 entries entered into the show

Last weekend was our annual Agricultural show.  Together we Letchford kids entered 46 items in the kid’s pavilion!  I managed to enter 13 items, which really isn’t that bad, but would have liked to have done better – not so much with the amount, but with the quality/quantity of one or two projects.  Anyway, I am very happy with the judging this year – other years we have felt the judges haven’t judged fairly – and am extremely surprised with what I awards I came away with.

1st for any crafted item 13-16yo – wooden notebook decorated with paper

2nd for any crafted item 13-16yo – flower cake centre piece

3rd for any handstitched item 13-16 yo – embroidery mini

3rd for any portrait (casual/formal) photo 13-16yo

2nd for land, sea or skyscape photo 13-16yo – sunrise

Highly commended for salad 13-16yo

Here are a couple of photos from Saturday:

Dad and Nomi

Nomi and Dad on the bumper cars

Daniel with pirateDaniel with his pirate he made (he won a third for it too!  Go brother!)

Nomi with 3 of her entries

Nomi with her crosstitch mini, clay rooster puppet (which won a second!) and clay pot (which won a first!  Go sister!)


And, my personal favourite, Daniel and I on the bumper cars!


4 thoughts on “The Ag show

  1. Hiya Jess,

    Way to go my friend at the AG show! Please pass on my congrats to your siblings as well.


    PS – Daniel looks like a crazed monkey on the bumper cars! Bot do I miss the ag show.

    1. Boy do we miss you too mm!! And by the way, it was his idea for that pose, and we had to take about four of them, and this was the best one!

      Love Jess

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