Meekness – Self-Control for my Emotions

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Feelings, feelings, feelings – will we ever be able to keep our emotions down pat?  Continually they confuse and lead us astray from how Jesus wants us to live; and yet, do we actually have control over them?  Mrs March from the book, Little Women, explained, “It has taken me a good 40 years to learn to control my temper, and will most likely take another 40 years to not feel it.” It is vitally important that we do not confuse the two words control and feel.  What’s the difference?  Control is not allowing our temper to show and affect us, whereas feel is not bearing any grudge at all.  If we confuse the two, we will get frustrated with ourselves for feeling upset and not try as hard as we ought to control ourselves. Having been there myself, I know that you are guaranteed to end up even more annoyed during the very situation where you want to be in control.

But what’s that to do with meekness?  A lot of people think of meekness as something like following directions without resistance.  Although I believe this is one definition, I’ve recently discovered another meaning to meekness; controlling your feelings.  Let’s take this as an example.  If a door slams while you have a splitting headache, what matters is your emotional response, and not being controlled by emotion.  Proverbs 3:5 says to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; LEAN NOT ON YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING.” What we feel isn’t always true; we can’t trust our emotions to rule how we react.for

We are sinners, and it’s natural to feel the way we do, even if we know we shouldn’t.  Refusing to let our emotions rule our words and actions – and showing self control – is the second step to putting out the ‘fuel’ of our emotions.  What’s the first step?  To pray.  “In everything,” Philippians 4:6b encourages, “by way of prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Of course, it’s easier said than done, as most heart-related topics are.

‘Meekness harnesses emotions in order to produce good decisions’, Character First defines.  When we are meek, we are forsaking the desire to focus on me, me, me (my emotions) and focus on serving others with all our hearts.

So how about it… are you up to the challenge to be meek today?

Originally posted at Growing in Grace Online


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