Book review: Be Intolerant (because some things are just stupid)

be Intolerant coverThis book is fantastic! There is a fine balance between tolerance (accepting others who are at a different level of maturity) and intolerance (not accepting what is wrong) and it is something this generation needs to understand and apply!

We are studying tolerance as a family currently, and this book helped me gain a balance between the two – tolerance and intolerance.

But the main thing I came away with after reading Be Intolerant was that moral relativism and Christianity don’t mix. Christianity has a standard – moral relativism doesn’t. You can’t sit on the fence; you have to be for Christ or against it. Ryan will show you the flaws in moral relativism and the awesomeness in a Christian lifestyle. He’ll teach you how moral relativists are intolerant, and how we, as Christians, need to be intolerant as well – but in love.

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