Book Review: Be the Change

Recently I read another book by Zach Hunter, Be the Change (earlier this year I read Generation Change.)  Both of these books are challenging, down-to-earth and encouraging.  He doesn’t focus on the fact the negetive side of teenagers today, but rather that teens – esspecially Christians – have a desire to help those less fortunate.

The Book

After each chapter, he gives ideas and questions for you to chew upon, and hopefully, act on!  Upon reading Be The Change, I’m not sure how to put the book into action, but he’s helped me

a)      Get real about serving everyone – wherever I am

b)      See how my heart should look if I’m to change the world

Every chapter focuses on a different aspect to ‘changing the world’: Influence, community, leadership and sacrifice, to name a few.  Ultimately, though, changing the world starts with passion.  That’s where Zach ends his book.


I was particularly challenged by that chapter on Passion.   What is my passion?  What does God want me to do?  He asked his reader (me) to write down my hobbies and interests, think about what I would like to do, and what God has put on my heart.

After pondering his questions, I’m still not sure what God wants me to do, but that’s OK, because I know I’m still in training and God has a plan for me.  I will just keep thinking, exploring and praying until God shows me His plan!

In Summary

Zach is excited for our generation.  He believes God might just use us to change the world.  Isn’t that exciting?  In Be the Change, you’ll learn about modern-day slavery and other injustices and people who have stood up and changed the world, like William Wilberforce and Mother Teresa.  What is even better, is that Zach doesn’t focus nearly as much on the externals as the internals; how our heart should look if we want to be history makers.

You can order Be the Change and Generation Change by Zach Hunter on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: Be the Change

  1. Sounds like a great book! How can you easily just say, God has a plan for me but i dont know what it is yet? I am struggling with that at the moment, what does God want me to do, becuase I want to start my life for Him NOW!

    1. I struggle with that very thing too Meggie, but when it comes down to the very basics, God’s got a plan for me and he ain’t gonna let me go without me fulfilling his plan!!

      On the other hand though, God wants to use you now – and he will use you! But you can’t do anything until God shows you what your plan for your life is! Remember Aidan in ‘The Door Within’? He was training for battle because the King had a special mission for him to complete. That’s what our life is like now. We have to train – and train hard, from sunup to sunset – to be ready for whatever it is God has for us. That includes devotions, staying in touch with God, memorizing the Word, understanding how the world works, developing your character, using your time wisely, keeping good relationships with your family and friends, and many other things. They are all important. We need to strive to thrive, and not merely survive, as we easily do.

      Take David for example. He couldn’t practice killing Goliath; he had to be ready then and there. God could count on him to do the job because he had already developed his slingshot skill, his courage, his character and trust in God. And being prepared for that one act took him further than he could have ever imagined!

      I hope this helps Meggie – just be prepared to do the Lords’ will, so when he calls you, you’ll be ready!

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