Homeschool Tag

1. How long have you been homeschooled?

Ten years if you start at grade one, but since I started reading when I was three, that makes twelve!

2. What grade are you in?

Ten and a half.

3. What is your favorite subject(s) in your homeschool?

Music, writing, history, Character, Creation science and reading – without a shadow of a doubt!

However, I do like science, Bible, public speaking, math, Australian history, Auslan and Photoshop Elements.

4. What is your least favorite subject(s) in your homeschool?

Money – Josh, Mum and I are reading a book together and it is challenging and a tiring – although I could be glad that instead of having to actually trade a table for a angry chickens we just have to read about it!

5. What is a current/previous homeschooling challenge you’ve faced?

Right now it’s my Character (as in the study of character, not my heart!).  I just can’t think of anything to write about for Creativity!  But I will get there – won’t we, Mum?

6. What are you looking forward to over the coming year?

Sewing more, paper-crafting more, trying more, reading more, thinking more, internet-spending less, cooking more, photographing more, writing better, memorizing more scripture and poetry,  learning more about Creation Science, and growing in my character.

I’m also looking forward to the blue-tongue lizard getting out from under our fridge!

7. Name three things you like doing in the summer with your family.

Actually, it’s nearing Winter here, but three things we enjoy doing together (when we get the chance) in the Summer:

  • Working on bigger projects
  • Swimming
  • Visit waterfalls/waterholes, with or without friends.

And in the winter:

  • Camping (In North W.A, it’s not the snow-winter most people think of.  It just gets very cold!)
  • The Ag show
  • Gardening

8. What other activities do you enjoy, such as sports, hobbies, etc.?

I love to read – particularly fantasy fiction, girly books, biographies/history, and Christian inspiration (whew!)  Oh, and there’s nothing quite like reading on a shady lawn.

I enjoy sewing and although I don’t do much I’m trying to do more

I particularly enjoy making notebooks and cards – most things papery.

I’m not a very good photographer but I have fun doing it anyway!

I enjoy being on the computer although I should spend less time on it!

Organizing and cleaning – especially organizing – is one of my favourite things to do.

Other hobbies include baking and cooking (new recipes are the best!), entertaining younger kids, bike ridin, playing netball, HTML, letterwriting, most things musical, praying,  puzzles(I’m currently working on a 748-piece one which consists of three main colours) and beading.

9. Are you taking a foreign language? Are you going to in the future? Which one?

We are learning Auslan, which is Australia’s sign language.  I’d like to learn another language, but I don’t know what!  Several years ago, I learn a little about word roots, and would like to learn some more of it.

10) Where do you homeschool? (Kitchen table, livingroom, etc.)

We have a schoolroom, but over the last two weeks we’ve been working in the dining room as well.  Sometimes I will take my book into the lounge room or outside instead of reading on my desk or bed.

I hope I didn’t bore you too much!  Thanks for reading, and if you would like to use this tag, please feel free!  Thanks Breezytulip for this tag; it’s a good one!   I’d love to have a peek into your homeschooling life, so if you leave me the link, I’ll pop over!


One thought on “Homeschool Tag

  1. Cool! How do you go with HTML???
    Yep, shadow lawns are pretty cool. I love baby-sitting kids and writing to! Thats so cool that your learning sign language. I learn latin. I love camping! But I HATE puzzels but Mum has other ideas. WE recently finished a 1,000 piece puzzel about the garden of eden Whew! That was a little hard!
    – Meggie4u

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