Can we do better?

Mum has been listening to an audio book called Margins by Richard Swenson.  I’ve been able to listen to snippets in the car and we’ve been talking and thinking about it a lot. Basically it’s about setting and keeping margins in all aspects of our life – whether it is health, spiritual, physical or emotional – instead of hording stress and overload.

While contemplating his messages, I wondered how much time each day we ‘waste’ by cleaning up the house each day.  Mum thought, off the top of her head, one hour.  I looked at the statistics.

1 hour per day

7 hours per week

52 weeks in a year

= 364 hours of cleaning up the house per year, or one full month of waking hours!

Certainly makes me wonder what other loose areas in my day-to-day life are being overlooked, and what I can do about it.  Even if it seems to take longer to put something back when we are finished, in the long run, look at how much time we would be saving!

Could we be spending our time better?

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