Clean off your Home Office

If I was to ask you, what does your desk look like RIGHT NOW, what would your answer be? Is it cluttered with paper and rubber bands, or is it fairly neat? I think that at some point, our desks haven’t been in the best of conditions. If we look, we’ll see paper we’ve procrastinated in filing; craft supplies left out from five days ago, and loose puzzle pieces. These things clutter your work space until your sanity level is in desperate need of refill. Isn’t it frustrating to work in a messy area? Or maybe you’ve become accustomed to the mess, and you don’t notice it.

Tips for Cleaning off your Desk

· If it’s not too embarrassing, take a photo of what your desk looks like before you touch anything. When it’s finished, you’ll always be able to see what a difference you made!

· Go through the piles of paper and discern what is rubbish, editing, filing, drafts and personal. File the filing papers, discard the rubbish, and put the personal papers in its right place. File the to-edit and drafts in a folder for easy access.

· Make a pile of everything that doesn’t belong in your desk – from broken bracelets to hair bands. Rubbish goes straight into the bin. Find the right home for everything else.

· Dust and wipe down the desk so it’s nice and fresh.

· Take another photo of what it looks like now that it’s in order to remind you of what it could look like!

Let me ask you another question; what is the purpose of your desk? Is it for you to do your schoolwork, or is it for recreational and craft activities? Is it where you do your office work, or is it for storing papers on alone? Determining your purpose for your desk helps you know how your system needs to operate to achieve the greatest efficiency. Here’s how the Letchford Family functions:

In our family, we have a tray on top of our desks where we keep our school diary, pencil case, ruler, finished work folder and an assignment folder.

  • In that assignment folder (a presentation folder) we have sleeves for every subject we study. There we keep unfinished work, loose pieces of paper and lists.
  • In the finished work folder we place all our finished work for Mum to edit.

Keeping paper in folders keeps paper out of sight, neat and it doesn’t matter if there’s a bit of a holdup.

Other Paper work systems

  • Furthermore, we all have a box under our desks where we store our notebooks and text books.
  • On a bookshelf, we keep our filing folders, which are separated into different categories: Bible, Character, General, Interest, Writing, Art and Timeline.

Our system makes it easy to file finished and unfinished work, keeping the paper fresh and neat.

My Mum also keeps a system in her office. She has a bookshelf, full of magazine boxes labeled with her different subjects. On the right of her computer is a rack with folders she accesses daily. On the left is a pile of assorted paper. Further on the right she has several filing cabinets with information she uses not-so-regularly. Although there is the stock pile from time to time, it keeps her assorted papers under control!

Our God is a God of order; look at this verse in Job 25:2

“Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven.”

We are made in God’s very image! I think God wants us keep our space orderly, so we can be efficient with our time and have the freedom to help others instead of working on our own area.

Whatever system you use, I encourage you to find one that achieves the greatest efficiency. Show the responsibility, add a good dose of individual creativity, stick at it diligently and enjoy your clean desk!

Originally posted at Growing in Grace


4 thoughts on “Clean off your Home Office

  1. A desk? You have a desk? You lucky thing. I am living in a hotel room and my desk is my bed. Needless to say it is spotless every night before I go to bed, pity I can’t say the same about the rest of the room!

    1. Hi Elisa,
      This is my new blog; the ones on homeschoolblogger and homesteadblogger are my old ones.

      Thanks for asking!


  2. This is Narniagirl from HSB. I was a little surprised to discover you switched, but I don’t mind at all since I have a WP blog myself. I still blog on HSB… but my HSB one is for registered members only, and I had to get one that was public.

    I look forward to reading more of your new blog!

    In Him,

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