Vegemite and Parenting

While away at Growing Families’ Families of Fire conference, Mum posted this article about the Word or the world.  Please read it, and then come back to see what I have to say!

This reminds me of something I read by Ken Ham in a Creation magazine today. My narration:

How come Australians love Vegemite, where Americans can’t stand the taste of it? (Stick with me!). Australians grow up with the taste of Vegemite, and acquire the taste of it, but Americans don’t acquire the taste for it, so when they taste it for the first time they go a-spluttering for a drink of water. Needless to say, they don’t like it at all!

In the same way, parents need to give their children the Word and teach the Lord’s Way at a young age, giving them a ‘taste’ for it -so like David, they can pray, “My soul thirsts for you.”

Allow me to backtrack for a moment: one of my favourite artists of all times is Colin Buchanan. For many years now, he has been writing songs and recording CDs for kids. This Aussie writes awesome, fun, Christian songs. One of the reasons I love Colin Buchanan’s work is because it has given me a foundation for my faith. I’ve grown up listening to his songs sung straight from scripture. Thanks Colin for all you’ve invested into my life! You can visit his website at

I wasn’t ‘saved from the depths of the grave’ or anything dramatic, but I do have a Christian Heritage. My Mum and Dad have fed me with the Christian faith ever since I was born, showing me how faithful and true our loving, awesome Creator, Lord and Saviour, is! So what’s your story? How have your Mum and Dad helped you in your walk with Jesus?


2 thoughts on “Vegemite and Parenting

  1. Well, that is a very good concept. I have never had Vegemite, and from what I have heard, it doesn’t sound very good. Isn’t that how it goes with knowing the WORD? If someone hears a Child of God complaining about something they can’t do or it doesn’t ‘taste’ good with their flesh, they want nothing to do with it, they go “a-splutting for a drink of water.’ Wonderful post, Jess. 🙂

    In response to your comment about Jocelyn’s Scarf, it’s not that hard to knit. Once you get the basic stitch down pat, its a breeze to knit! 🙂 I would be happy to teach you how to do it. 🙂 The only problem is that you live VERY far away from me, and I don’t think I could lose my hands and ship them to you for a week or so, because of GGM. 🙂

    Oh and I see that I am commenting on a new blog of yours. How are you liking wordpress?

    ~Miss Rachel

    1. I don’t know… Vegemite is yummy to me! 😀

      My Mum wants to know what sort of stitch you are using for Jocelyn’s scarf? Mum’s clever at all sorts of crafts!

      About WordPress: I am a little sad about ‘leaving’ HSB, but otherwise I like it!


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