Piano Lessons and Do Hard Things

Earlier this year, I disovered that I have been playing the piano for seven years!  Yup, seven years – that’s a long time!  Although it’s exciting to realise I’ve been playing the piano for half my life now, it’s a little frustrating to have had six different teachers over that time span, and in the long run, seemingly not getting anywhere. At least, that’s what I thought three weeks ago, when I started off with my sixth teacher, Mrs B. Mrs B is a highly experienced teacher who has taught up to eighth grade piano, which is as high as you can go before going onto concert level.  She’s tough and strict, but as we get to know her it’s obvious that she has a great sense of humour and is very patient with my slowly improving but still rather elwacko timing problem!

As I think about my new teacher and piano lessons more and more , I realize what a great opportunity to Do Hard Things this is. Mrs B puts expectations on us girls – high expectations that challenge and really push me to do better and through that, reminds me that piano isn’t just a hobby that I can just float through, but something I have to put a decent amount of effort into to achieve my ambitions. Piano isn’t something to slack off and become complacent in, as I’m starting to learn. Just as in other areas of my life, I can’t slack of striving for my very best in everything we do… because I want God’s work and plan in my life to happen!


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