Read, Reading and To-Read 2009

Although we are already into the second month of 2009 (*drop jaw*), I thought I’d post about the books I’ve read in 2008, what I’m reading and my 2009 reading list.

Books I read 2008:

Cooper Kids Adventure Series 1-8 by Frank Peretti

Every Day Deserves a Chance! by Max Lucado

Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse

Hitler’s Daughter by Jackie French

Rolls of Thunder, Hear my Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol

The Priest by Francine Rivers

Galen by Jeanne Bendick

Midwife’s Apprentice by Karen Cushman

Door Within Trilogy x3 by Wayne Thomas Batson

Monks and Mystics by Mandy and Brandon Withrow

Nzinga (Royal Diaries)

Millie Keith books 6-8 based on the books by Martha Finley

Than by L.A Kelly

Return to Alistair by L.A Kelly

Anastasia (Royal Diaries)

Kingdom’s Dawn by Chuck Black

Kingdom’s Hope by Chuck Black

That’s 29 books!  WOW!

Already I’ve read this year:

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Generation Change

Violet Travilla #4

History Makers in Music

I’m currently reading:


Do Hard Things (our primary family read aloud)

Treasure Island (family read aloud)

Beautiful Girlhood

Glaucia the Greek Slave

I’m planning to read:



Pickwick Papers

Around the World in 80 Days

Robinson Crusoe

Treasure Island

Swiss Family Robinson

Christian Reading:

Through the Gates of Splendor

I Believe the Nicene Creed

The Great Dinosaur Mystery SOLVED!

Be Intolerant

Do Hard Things

Be the Change

Being a Girl Who Leads

Fallacy Detective

Thinking Toolbox

#3 – Courage and Conviction

#4 – Hearts and Hands


The Bronze Bow

The Maytrs’ Victory

Out of the Mouth of the Lion

One Woman Against the Reich

Maries’ Home

The Captives

Mary Slessor

From Bondage to Freedom

To a Different Drum

Torches of Joy

Attila the Hun

Adam of the Road

Carry On, Mr Bowditch

If All the Swords in England

They Came on Viking Ships

MacBeth and Son

Things we Couldn’t Say

The Hiding Place

William the Conqueror


PS: Please Save the Stamps

Anne Franks’ Diary

Catherine, Called Birdy

Australian/ History:

Tom Apple Boy Convict Boy

Australia’s Christian Heritage

Heroic Australian Women at War

Silver Donkey

Fighting Mackenzie

800 Horsemen

MY STORY books

Legends of the Outback

Cattle King

The Ghan

Soldier Boy

Science and Technology:

Did Man Just Happen?

When Science Fails

Champions of Science

Champions of Inventions

Champions of Mathematics


Anne of Green Gables’ Series

Pollyanna Grows Up

Pat of Silver Bush

Billabong Series (16)

Little House on the Prairie Series (9)

I don’t think it very likely to go through all of them this year, but I want to get through as many as I can! For all these books except for the Literature ones, I am reading journaling them as I go, to help me slow down and think and chew on what they’re saying. It’s easy to devour books, but is it beneficial to the growing and stretching of our soul and mind? Books aren’t just there for our pleasure – they are there to change us – but we have to be looking for it!

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