Why Orderliness is Important

Is organization important? Can’t we just get by with a messy house?

If someone was to ask me those questions, I’d probably respond, ‘Well, you could, but I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Why not? I’ll explain why.

Initially, we are made in God’s image, with characteristics of him. In Job 25:2, it says: “Dominion and awe belong to God; he establishes order in the heights of heaven.” If we are made in God’s image, I think there’s some part of us that can be orderly.

I’m currently reading The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, and the one thing that keeps popping up is: it’s all for the glory of God. When we are surrounded by clutter and junk, we aren’t able to be all God wants us to be because we are constantly just trying to get the basics of our lives in order instead of being on hand to do what God wants us to do. As I wrote a couple of years back:

“When you are orderly, you show that you are being responsible to your things and being a good steward. You are using your time wisely, and can be available to others because you know where everything is. When in the process of being orderly, of actually doing it, you can be diligent and show the initiative. People can depend on you to do things, all because you are orderly.”

Orderliness enhances creativity. The two are a pair, hand in hand. Orderliness doesn’t mean your cupboard has to look like a professional office, it just means your area is functioning in a way that is the most efficient for you. Resourcefulness works in perfectly with creativity also, because it allows you to be thrifty with a large dose of originality mixed in.

Orderliness is the Atmosphere for Hospitality. When we have people coming over, I can feel all the difference in the house if I’ve given it a good blitz, compared to me just doing the very basics. Although hospitality is more than just everything looking perfect, it adds to a peaceful atmosphere and spirit.

Can you think of other characteristics that fit into orderliness? How do they fit with orderliness?

I suppose character and God really do have a lot to do with being orderly, don’t they?


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