CMI SuperCamp!

CMI (Creation Ministries International) held a camp at Phillip Island from Monday through to Friday, packed with session after session on Creation Science! Although I didn’t understand all the talks, I thoroughly enjoyed a) the speakers and b) the speeches. Some of the speakers included: Gary Bates, Carl Wieland, Jonathan Sarfati, Tas Walker, John Hartnett, David Catchpoole, Don Batten and Geoff Downes. Also at the camp were guest speakers Rob Carter, John Baumgardner, David Downs and John Sanford. Peter and Cathy Sparrow of the Creation Bus and Rod and Nancy Walsh of the Ark Van were there too. Many people came equaling a great week!

As I mentioned, I didn’t understand all the sessions… the ones on stars and tree ring dating went pretty much straight over my head, but I managed most of the others, some of the speeches* being:

  • Genetic Entropy – John Sanford
  • Logic and Christianity – Jonathan Sarfati
  • Alien and UFO’s – Gary Bates
  • A Brief, but True, History of Time – Mark Harwood
  • Egyptian and Hittite History – David Downs
  • Carl Wieland’s testimony – Carl Wieland
  • How Evolution Hurts Science – John Sanford
  • Eve and the three ‘Daughters’ of Noah – Rob Carter
  • How Textbooks Mislead – Don Batten
  • PLUS! TWO question and Answer sections!
  • And many others

Apart from these amazing sessions there were many extra activities to do. Kids were able to choose a couple of activities at the camp to do Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon; I chose to go on the twin Flying Fox. It was great fun… once I had finally climbed up the ladder and been convinced to get off the ground! I must admit I have this thing for heights. But it was great fun!

Dad, Josh and Nomi went on the giant swing too. I didn’t go, I just helped ‘push’. (Hey, I had made myself do one height-related activity that day; please don’t think I’m going to swing 18m in the air as well!) Unfortunately I don’t have access to photos right now so maybe I’ll post them later.

The food was absolutely delicious! I’m honestly telling you dessert was better every night! I had a variety of chocolate mousse, apple crumble, pavlova and cheesecake! Beautiful cheesecake too! Mmm!

I have come away with several things from this camp.

  1. I am inspired to learn not only creation inside out but evolution like the back of my hand. I need to know the questions that I am going to be asked so I know what I need to learn.
  2. To understand logic (Thanks Dr Sarfati!)
  3. Advance in my passions. I heard about these scientists’ testimonies and passions – and look they are now! If I followed my passions, trusting God has given me one, and, I must say, Do Hard Things, imagine where I might end up! The possibilities are endless – for both you and I.
  4. Dr John Sanford and Dr Rob Carter’s speeches were extremely interesting, as I have delivered a speech twice now on early man’s intelligence. Although slightly different, they both covered genetic mutations** which go along that line of thought. (**Do I sound like I’ve just come home from a science camp or what!?) This was very encouraging and inspiring to know that there is more to know on this exciting topic!
  5. Read more books on science, and…
  6. Learn to cook such good desserts! *afterthought*

I had an incredible time there and learnt so much. I was inspired to learn all I can about God’s incredible creation, and am grateful to all at CMI who put in such an enormous effort to make this happen, as well as all the great speeches delivered.

Never alone,



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