They Stayed Faithful

Joseph: faithful, diligent, truthful. Daniel: available, loyal, dependable. Both were reliable.

Daniel was taken captive when he was 16, and he never returned to his homeland Israel. Nevertheless, he continually showed availability to the several kings he served throughout his whole life. Showing availability involves being ready when called, serving cheerfully and putting others needs above our own. Although available to these kings, Daniel remained first and foremost firm and steadfast to his country, and more importantly, God. Character First! defines loyalty as, “using difficult times to demonstrate my commitment to those I serve.” He loyally served God and was always wherever God had placed him, ready for God’s instruction.

Although a slave in a pagan land, Joseph also stayed true to God in the thick and thin of life. Diligently he upheld and respected the wishes of his masters, and completed his tasks to the very best of his ability. Faithfully carrying out God’s commands, Joseph took responsibility for his actions, regardless of who was – and wasn’t – watching him.

Other traits enhance the essence of reliability, such as punctuality; respecting other’s time and efforts, and determination: purposing to accomplish the right goals at the right time regardless of the opposition. Joseph and Daniel’s leadership reminds me of a card tower; the people rely on the King, the King relies on Joseph and Daniel, and Joseph and Daniel relied on God. Joseph and Daniel can lift their heads up high, knowing they stayed faithful to God and authorities. Can we?


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