Read alouds

Reading aloud: what fun! Does your family do this much together? Although we don’t ‘do’ it every night, it is something we all tremendously enjoy.

Recently we read together The Great Turkey Walk by Katherine Karr. It is a fantastic book! Alright, I’ll admit, it has a bit of romance in it, to which Nomi and I were groaning immensely, but other than that, I cannot recommend it enough. Believe the back of the cover when the Published Weekly predicts: Readers will gobble up Karr’s hilarious novel!

When reading aloud, Mum can easily expect some begging on our behalf to read another chapter. Once, we had one of Dad’s fellow workers join in for the night. At the end of the chapter when we finished our pitiful moaning in hope of another chapter, he jumped in too: “I think I might join them Belinda: please more!” It still didn’t work. Still, Mum is a champion when it comes to choosing good books. If any Mum’s out there want some book recommendations, ask her!

Currently we are reading Treasure Island by Lois Robertson Stephenson. Also a fantastic novel! When reading a book aloud, it adds a whole new dimension to it; you might understand the book where you couldn’t before. This is our first ‘classic’ book – other than Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne. They are extremely witty books!

Books we’ve read aloud:

Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne

Pharaoh by Jackie French (this one Mum had to skip pieces due to it being of different, ancient cultures)

The Great Turkey Walk by Katherine Karr

Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster

An Angel’s Story by Max Lucado (a 2007 Christmas read-aloud)

A Biography on Brother Andrew (I can’t remember the proper title!)

Never underestimate a kids’ story book – ever! We’ve enjoyed many story books being read-aloud, even Josh and I. An example was a book about Marco Polo; it was a longer, not so easy–going book as other ones but a good read aloud still. You can find many historical, mathematical and scientific books out there in kid’s book format.

Christmas: there are so many wonderful books out there with Christ being the focus of Christmas. 2007 Christmas Mum went and bought a large amount of Christmas, Christian books, predominantly from Koorong, and starting at December, read them aloud. We didn’t get through them all! She bought some beautiful books and these will last us for the next few years. An Angels Story by Max Lucado was our definite favourite; it will last us a few years in the coming Christmases. Mum also tried reading aloud some books at Easter time; after a few goes, I’m sure we’ll be better at it!

Give reading aloud a go! After dinner, after lunch, during morning tea – whatever time is best, it still is so worthwhile! Notebooking it afterwards isn’t a bad idea too; after we read Winnie the Pooh we started making a lapbook together. There are so many great books out there – enjoy them together! It is always worth the effort.

Even Dad’s enjoy it – if our Dad isn’t going to be around when we are nearing the end of our book, he will read the last few chapters ahead of us and keep us in suspense, knowing what happens!

Here is a great post when it comes to what we personally read: Give thyself to Reading

I was challenged by the fact that there are too many good books in the world to waste us reading the OK ones and repeat reading the same books.  Pleas go read it, then come back and tell me what you thought of it!


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