What Would Jesus say?

I’ve had several comments recently talking about the power and effectiveness of having a blog and telling the world what Jesus has to say on the important issues of today. So I came up with an idea.

What Would Jesus Say? And more importantly, are we prepared to say it?

The WWJS idea is this… just to write one post on any issue you feel God has something to say about once a month, or more if you want to. The goal is to create awareness, even with a few people, of the importance of a Godly, Christian worldview in all of the issues and questions facing our world today, from video-games to foreign aid.

A post can be anything from a thoughtful couple of sentences to a conclusive essay, about any issue, and what God has to say about it. Write a post on the same issue as your friends, or choose something of your own. If you would like to participate, just comment me and we’ll send you the link for the blog button to put on your blog. You can also, if you’d like, put the banner on your blog as well. Of course, you are all free to take part in the challenge without using the banner, or just taking part sporadically.

But what to talk about? I have a short list here; if any body has any other ideas, please tell me.

Another good idea (and a huge time saver) is to use schoolwork you have already written. You could also share links to other people with the same ideal; to tell the world what Jesus has to say. Because He has a lot to tell us.


Evolution vs. Creation

A part of Scripture

A Quote you disagree with

An idea you read in a book

An idea about God

A social issue such as poverty, spending money, the environment

A quote you do agree with

A thought you had

A common conception in society

The expectations people have of you (or lack of them!)

Political issues

This is from Joshua’s blog. Please go over there and check it out if you want to be involved with this! I certainly intend to.  For simplicities’ sake, if you would like to take the challenge, don’t comment me, comment Josh!


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