Weirdness + the name Jessica = Me

I am a weird girl. Perhaps you think you are the weirdest person on the entire planet, but I know that I am plain weird.

For example:

It suddenly struck me today how weird it is that I will do all kinds of things while brushing my teeth. Electric, manual – it doesn’t matter. I will walk into a nearby room to turn it’s light off, and have been known to check to see if the clothes on the line are dry – while brushing my teeth!

Also I love to organize – what girl in her sane mind likes to categorize stuff? That’s why I’m weird.

How about today, when I realized that I am part alien? The Bible sometimes calls gentiles ‘aliens’ and I don’t think I’m any part Jewish – meaning, my ancestors were aliens. It’s in my blood. That is why I’m weird. When I told Mum this, she just told me to go away (apparently she wasn’t in the mood for it).

Included in my possessions is a brother who loves to read. Not too weird, but have you seen the books Joshua reads for recreation?! Today, at the dentist, he was reading (for fun) ‘The Complete Works of Sherlock Holmes’ – it was two inches thick!! Or he’ll read Herodotus, or Josephus (major historians!). Without being told to, he’ll read Shakespeare: Julius Caesar! Not to mention he’s been like this, the poor lamb, since he was nine years old. Funny lad. Maybe he suffers from a mental illness. That makes two of us.

Jive Bunnies: a favourite Mixmaster of us girls, from the 1970’s – sadly, the tape belongs to our mother. What even I cannot understand is how listening to this music, no matter how cool it is, can be good brainwork for doing homework?!? But, as it is in our blood, Nomi and I have fazes of this music – it’s cool. Minus the Elvis Presley music. We don’t like Elvis Presley. Mum does though. She’s weird.

I am famous for being a giggler; hence, my blog title: Little Miss Giggles! Too weird. I laugh like a six-year old.

Another facet to my weirdness: I can’t stand the idea of staying in one’s pj’s for one moment longer than necessary and I can’t bear to sleep in!

Not to mention old movies: Beverly Hillbillies; what a hoot! We can never watch enough of them! What is wrong with black and white movies, I am asking you? Then again, we are a weird family.
Are you starting to understand? Like our deaf dog, I am slowly going crazy. Yet I bravely endure it; yes, I am weird, and proud of it!

Not ashamed to be weird,



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