Simple, Complex, Degenerated? *updated*

A man crouched low to the ground, mud smeared all over his brown face and arms. Tightly he clutched a crudely made spear, with a triangle-shaped stone tied on to it with brown, sturdy vines. The bushes shook from in front of him, and a large, ugly yak stepped out and bent down to munch on some tasty green grass. Immediately, the man saw his chance, and took it. Without delay, he charged out, bent over nearly double, an odd war outcry coming from his mouth, which sounded more like a wild dog.

We humans today see Adam, the first man, as a poor, primitive individual, searching and hunting like dogs for meat to survive. But was he? Clearly the Bible states that we are made in the very image of God, and later findings do seem to point towards early mans brains. When Adam was created, he was formed from straight from the fingertips of God, wasn’t he? Since he was directly from Jehovah’s mighty and loving hand, wouldn’t he have bubbled over with some creativity and scientific ideas? Although we can never be 100% sure how Adam and his kin lived and their brains functioned, they’re intelligence is underestimated and deserve a closer examination.

Initially, Adam named all, every single one, of the animals and plants on this world, with the assistance of his wife, Eve. In the Bible, it expresses the command God gave Adam: to name and care for all of Gods’ beautifully new creation. God entrusted Adam with a lot; if someone was to name all of the cities and towns of the world, a simpleton would not be chosen, let alone name all of the animals and breeds. But Adam was able. When Adam sinned, however, the world, our bodies, started to degenerate, although their minds still invented better than we thought possible; Stonehenge has left the modern world baffled for years on how it was created, or even why! Adam’s son built a city, which required people, metal, wood, skill – but they had all that; they understood the secrets to bronze, iron, gold, copper, tin and aluminum! Amazingly, they knew the secrets of bubblegum making, farming and music, well enough to teach and pass on to others – they didn’t just sit around in their hut twiddling their thumbs; they were creative and bold.

When God created Adam, he made him perfect – perfect body, perfect life, perfect marriage, perfect home, and perfect thinking. It has been said that today, man uses only a portion of their brainpower. Is it not possible that in Adam’s day, man could have used more brain power than we do today? Some people of recent times have demonstrated that the art of thinking has not been lost. If sin had not entered the world, giving us the tendency towards laziness, the airplane or computer could have been invented a lot earlier. Occasionally though, people have still produced outstanding results – people like Newton, Einstein, and the Ancient Egyptians. Notably, the pyramid that made it to the seven wonders was something – no one has been able to rebuild anything like it. Even though the world was degenerating, man in Moses’ time wouldn’t have faced the genetic problems we face today.

As we all know from the Bible, after the flood, the people, ignoring God’s command to spread out, deliberately joined forces to build a city, a tower. Later God destroyed their tower and confused the languages, and the place was renamed “Babel”. The Babylonians originated from Babel. These Babylonians have given us quite a few pieces of ancient information, although they themselves weren’t that ancient. Incredibly, a Babylonian king called Nabeniza, who reined c. 500 BC, collected antiques of all things, and stored them in museums! Under his instruction, the Babylonians found ancient inscriptions; he’s really a large contributor to our knowledge of early man, unheard of though he be.

Evolutionists believe early man were dumb, slow and witless, primitive to how far man could go as far as knowledge was concerned. However, records show that man could suddenly go TA-DA! – There was a city! Undoubtedly, ancient people were ones of high intelligence, even to an extent that we don’t understand and can only marvel at various methods! Evolution has it that this world went from simple to complex – but pond scum doesn’t talk! According to this presented information, our world clearly has gone from complex to degenerated. Imagine what you could do if your brain was as smart as Adam’s.


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